Gelterswoog Lido

In the past, the more adventurous were not afraid of the march to Gelterswoog. The still water with its blooming water lilies and the tall fir tree forest made the 'Hohnegger' an attractive destination for young people.

Bathing was forbidden in the Gelterswoog. Rangers and pastors would take the clothes of those frolicking in the water. Although today, little has changed in terms of the romantic flair of the Gelterswoog, but since becoming a modern lido, bathers no longer need to fear for their clothing; the only thing 'taken' these days is an entrance fee.

Ein Ausblick auf den Gelterswoog vom Schilf aus. Auf dem See fahren Sportbegeisterte mit Kanus. © Stadt Kaiserslautern

Gelterswoog © Stadt Kaiserslautern

Strandbad Gelterswoog

an der B270 (Stadtteil Hohenecken)


Strandbad Gelterswoog