Saint-Quentin, France

Impressions of Saint Quentin
Impressions of Saint Quentin

Saint-Quentin is a city in the countryside located at the junction of a canal and the Somme river. The Isle swamps natural reserve is a sanctuary for more than 160 different types of plants and just as many species of birds. Well worth a visit is the Musée de Papillon, which houses the largest collection of butterflies in the world. One of the nicest examples of Gothic architecture in northern France is the city hall, which was built at the beginning of the 16th century and which, for a long time, decorated the 50-Franc bill. Saint-Quentin, only 430 kilometers from Kaiserslautern by autobahn, can be easily reached in a few hours from the Palatinate, a factor that has certainly had an influence on the success of the partnership, which was established in 1967.


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