Zwischen Hüpfburg und Zirkuszelt herrscht reges Treiben von Kindern und Erwachsenen auf dem Gartenschaugelände
Garden Fair © Gartenschau Kaiserslautern
Zwei Mädchen klettern in dem mit roten Seilen bespannten Klettergerüst.
© Stadt Kaiserslautern


Forest playground at Vogelwoog

Playground with slide, swing, seesaw and much more. Very nice location directly on the lake and with a café next door. A parking lot is located in the Vogelwoogstraße. From there it is only a few minutes walk. Thumbs up from Ted :)

Forest playground at Bremerhof

Playground with slide (not suitable for the very young), balance beam and turntable. A parking lot is located directly at the Bremerhof. From there it is about 5-10 minutes walk.

Playground in the Volkspark

In the Volkspark you will find swings, climbing equipment, sandbox, slide, seesaw, a water playground and plenty of grass to play soccer - suitable for children of all ages. Little Frederick is especially fond of the ducks in the swan pond...

Playground in the Stadtpark

The Stadtpark offers climbing equipment, swings, sand playgrounds, a football field and much more for small and big children. In the café directly at the park, Ted and Klein Friedrich treat themselves to cocoa and cake after playing. Very tasty.


Playground at the Garden Fair (fee required)

The Garden Fair is a paradise for children of all ages. Here you will find a soccer field, skate park, adventure golf, slides, climbing equipment, swings, sand playground, water playground, life-size dinosaurs, a Lego exhibition and much more. Food and drink are available in the park or at the Brauhaus an der Gartenschau right by the main entrance. Ample parking is available. Open from April to October.