Japanese Garden

A piece of the far east in the south west...in order to discover the beauty and the meditative effects of a Japanese garden, you don't have to travel to Japan - or to the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. In the year 2000, the Japanese Garden Kaiserslautern opened its gates for everyone who wants to draw energy and peace from the artistically designed harmony of light and shadows, plants and stones, water and paths...

One of the most beautiful "side products" of the contact between Kaiserslautern and the Japanese sister city Bunkyo-ku is the Japanese Garden, which has been continuously expanded upon and perfected since its opening. It is among the most beautiful and largest parks of this kind in Europe!

Among the typical elements of a Japanese garden are the ponds, waterfalls, stone arrangements, gravel, tea houses, moss gardens and stone lanterns, the original cultural meaning of which does not necessarily have to be known to the visitors in order to feel the meditative effect of this artistically arranged park.

The garden has an impressive and "grown" effect. This is above all due to the optimal location - an old park where the ancient copper beeches, huge hazelnuts and rare tulip trees were integrated into the Japanese Garden Kaiserslautern and which are a true piece of luck for the designers as well as the visitor.

Cultural events like painting and Ikebana courses, exhibits and events enrichen the offering of the Japanese Garden Kaiserslautern.