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    Dec. 17, 2018
Rathaus und Rathausvorplatz von oben
City council and committees

The most important decision-making organs of the City

Composition of the City Council

The Chair of the City Council and head of administration is the Lord Mayor. According to Section 29(2) of the German Municipal Code, City Councils in municipalities with more than 80,000 inhabitants have 52 councilors.

Duties of the City Council

Decision-making on any affairs of self-government, insofar as no transfer has been made to a committee (Section 32(2) Municipal Code). The decisions on ordinances, budgets, changes to the urban area, the election of honorary citizens etc. may not be delegated to a committee. The last City Council election was held in June 2014. The City Council is elected every five years, the next election will therefore be held in 2019.

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The formation of the various committees is in accordance with Section 44 of the Municipal Code (German abbreviation: GemO) for specific areas of responsibility (e.g. financial, building, youth welfare committees, etc.) by the City Council. The committees are either composed exclusively of Councilors or of the Councilors plus other elected members. The size of the committee will be determined by the City Council. The distribution of seats on the committees reflects the distribution of seats on the City Council.

The members of the City Council have joined together according to their party affiliation to the SPD, CDU, FDP, GRÜNEN, FWG and Die LINKE parties. The parties are listed in order of their relative size of representation. A party group must contain at least two members of the Council.