Fun for Kids in Kaiserslautern

A family day in Kaiserslautern is child's play – and they do grow up so quickly...

10:00 am   
Visit Europe's largest dinosaur exhibition on the grounds of the Gartenschau (a garden exhibition)

The parents can have their fun too at the various indoor flower shows, the "gardens of diversity", the LEGO exhibition and in the "meadow church". Perhaps you can persuade them to have a round of "adventure golf", too?

Zwischen Hüpfburg und Zirkuszelt herrscht reges Treiben von Kindern und Erwachsenen auf dem Gartenschaugelände
© Gartenschau Kaiserslautern
Im unteren Bereich des Bildes sind orangene Blumen die sehr nahe sind.
über den Blumen und weiter entfernt steht die Tyranosaurus rex Statue der Gartenschau
Tyranosaurus rex hinter Blumen © view - die agentur

Bad-weather alternative:
Kinder, Spiel und Spaß Fabrik, Entersweilerstraße (near heated outdoor pool)

This indoor or outdoor play park is fun in all weather conditions – slides, bouncy castles and even a water catapult system all entice you to romp and roll around.

12:00 noon
Bremerhof, Bremerhof 1

After so much fun and play, now comes the deserved nourishment. There's a forest playground and many forest paths here, to get the children's blood pumping.

01:30 pm
Visit to Kaiserslautern Zoo, Kaiserslautern-Siegelbach 

The zoo is home to about 631 animals of over 110 different species. In addition, there is a playground with a nature adventure trail and, if you like, child-friendly guided tours.

Bad-weather alternative:

monte mare Leisure Pool – Need to Cool Off?

There's no need to be bored, even in bad weather. monte mare offers fast-paced sliding fun, great play areas and children's entertainment – it's a big hit with the little ones...

04:30 pm

Dolomiten ice-cream parlor, Schillerstraße 2

After an eventful day, your well-deserved rewards await you at the ice cream parlor... whether it's raspberry, chocolate or vanilla ice cream – everyone's favorite is here! And parents can have a nice latte.


05:00 pm

Little climbers can visit RockTown (boulder hall) to finish the day

Smiling girl with sun hat
Smiling girl
Ein Katta sitzt frontal zur Kamera mit ausgebreiteten Ärmchen
© Zoo Kaiserslautern

Take your friend back a nice little something:

  • KL children's t-shirts
  • KL baseball caps

We are of course happy to help you plan and organize your 'nice day out' in Kaiserslautern:

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