Bunkyo-ku, Japan

Collage Stadtansichten Bunkyo-ku
Stadtansichten Bunkyo-ku

Bunkyo-ku (jap. 文京区) is one of 23 city districts of Tokyo and is located in the heart of the Japanese capital, north of the Emperor's Palace. This district with a population of approx. 200,000 is considered the center of education in Tokyo, because in addition to the renowned University of Tokyo, there are eighteen other universities as well as numerous other schools. The people living in this pulsating metropolis find relaxation and peace in parks, botanical gardens and temples. Despite the great distance, a lively exchange has evolved since the beginning of the partnership in 1988. An obvious symbol of this bond is the group of sculptures in Kubomachi-Higashi-Park, which was created by Gernot and Barbara Rumpf, two artists from Kaiserslautern.