Day Trips

Kaiserslautern is nestled in one of Germany's most exciting regions for holidays. No wonder the Palatinate is often referred to as "the Tuscany of Germany." Indeed, at the sight of fig, orange and lemon trees you might think yourself to be very close to the Mediterranean.


Visitors rave about the conviviality of the wine festival and delight in the dreamy villages with their picturesque vineyards, romantic castles, abbeys and castles, and the unspoiled natural environment, with woods, ravines, valley meadows and hills.



...up to 20 km away

Mehlinger Heide - the largest continuous area of heathland in southern Germany

Mehlinger Heide 2 ©anna Wojtas

Abteikirche Otterberg - after the Speyer Cathedral, the largest church in the Palatinate
Otterberg Abteikirche

Karlstalschlucht - one of the most beautiful destinations for walking in the Palatinate Forest


Burg Nanstein - landmark in the town of Sickingenstadt Landstuhl, built by the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa

Burg Nanstein Landstuhl



...up to 50 km away

Dynamikum Pirmasens - the motion-oriented science center in Pirmasens

Dynamikum Pirmasens2


Deutsche Weinstraße - the oldest and most famous German wine route for tourists

Weinberg Bad Duerkheim

Hambacher Schloss - the cradle of German democracy
Hambacher Schloss


Dahner Felsenland - bizarre red sandstone giant rocks and mighty castles made of rock




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