Brandenburg a. d. Havel, Germany

Impressions of Brandenburg a. d. Havel
Impressions of Brandenburg a. d. Havel

The "historic health resort and capital of the Mark region" has not only given its name to the German State of Brandenburg, but has also had a major influence on the development of the entire region for over 1000 years. Many important church and secular buildings in the three historical city centers are stone witnesses of this important past. The young Fachhochschule (Technical College) Brandenburg, the modern technology/start-up center and the CultureCongressCenter are examples of how this city - which is not part of any county but constitutes its own administrative unit and has appoximately 73,000 inhabitants - will continue to fulfill its function as a regional center in the future. The partnership with Kaiserslautern was founded in 1988, one year before the fall of the Berlin Wall.


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