The “Long Night of Culture”

Deckblatt des englischen Programmflyers
© Stadt Kaiserslautern

It is one of the top cultural events in Rhineland-Palatinate: The “Long Night of Culture” in Kaiserslautern. Every year, thousands of visitors of every generation attend the 30 locations in the city. During this night, Kaiserslautern becomes the cultural cynosure of southwestern Germany. Over 150 live- performances present culture of all kinds- reaching from family program in the afternoon till the conclusion right before sunrise.

In locations such as the Fruchthalle, the Kammgarn, the Pfalztheater, the Museum Pfalzgalerie, the SWR Studio, the Stadtmuseum, the Pfaff- Casino, the churches, the bookstores, the Friedenskapelle, the Hotel Alcatraz, the Japanischer Garten, the Steinstraße, the Stiftsplatz and many more.

With artists like Dota Kehr, Tim Boltz, Gottfried Böttger, Lucy van Kuhl, Jutta Brandl, Albert Koch, Stefano Cattaneo, Johannes Sistermanns, Pauline Ngoc, regional DJs and bands etc.

Booking Offices:
Tourist-Information, Pop Shop, mpk Museum Pfalzgalerie, Pfalztheater, Japanischer Garten, Tanzschule Marquardt, buchhandlung blaue blume, Atelier Gouil & Bellenbaum, Volkshochschule, Thalia.

Your bracelet grants you access to all locations. Some locations have free admission.

The “Long Night of Culture” is made possible by the Ministry of Science, Education and Culture of Rhineland-Palatine.