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    Feb. 19, 2018
Kaiserslautern bei Nacht
Science Alliance Kaiserslautern e.V.

Logo der Science Alliance

The Science Alliance Kaiserslautern e.V. is an association of eleven internationally renowned academic and research facilities in Kaiserslautern. Students, researchers and partners from business, government and industry, form a multi-disciplinary cross-border network, enabling innovative solutions whilst taking into account all of the latest technologies and procedures.

The Science Alliance is made up of Kaiserslautern's Technische Universität, the University of Applied Sciences and nine research institutes, some of which have arisen as a spin-off from TU Kaiserslautern. Thanks to their successful work in recent years, they helped to contribute to Kaiserslautern's excellent reputation as a center of study, research and technology.
From Initial Research to a Marketable Product

Complex scientific and technological issues nowadays usually require input from more than one discipline in order for them to be resolved. In the field of applied research, accelerated innovation cycles are added to this. Therefore, multifaceted research projects are increasingly turning to research networks, where partners from the worlds of science and industry with a range of skills can focus on defined issues.

The Science Alliance opens up the potential for interdisciplinary research, and implements it in practice. This is seen, for example, in the "Center of Mathematical and Computational Modeling" (CM2) and the "Center for Optics and Material Sciences" (Optimas). Within the "Digital Commercial Vehicle Technology" Fraunhofer innovation cluster, industrial partners are given a cross-disciplinary research field – from initial research to product and process development – enabling innovative solutions whilst taking into account the latest scientific knowledge and technologies.

Students and postgraduates are invited to contribute to the solution as full members of international team.