Kaiserslautern – the Lonely Days have Gone

"You Ought to be Eleven Friends" …or even more. Whether it's a corporate event, a club, school class or just a day out with the family, the choice on offer for groups in Kaiserslautern is wide-ranging!

9:30 am     

City bus tour

How Kaiserslautern has developed from being an industrial city to a "City of Science" and why is there a fish on the city arms? What role do the Americans play? Find out some trivia and oddities of the Barbarossa city by taking a sightseeing tour.

12:00 noon

Lunch at 'Das Brauhaus an der Gartenschau' restaurant

Hold a 'team meeting' at the restaurant on the grounds of the garden exhibition. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere in a historic water tower, and treat yourself to some good food.

01:30 pm        

Gartenschau (Garden Fair) and Japanese Garden

Visit Europe's largest dinosaur exhibition in the grounds of the Garden Fair or take part in a relaxing, authentic Japanese tea ceremony in the Japanese Garden, drawing strength from the common harmony of light and shadow, plants and stones, water and pathways…

Auf dem Bild ist die Weidenkirche Gartenschau zu sehen. Im Vordergrund ist der Steinaltar.links und rechts gehen Säulen aus Weiden nach oben und treffen sich dann in der mitte oder ein paar überspannen den Innenraum und treffen auf der anderen Seite auf entgegenkommende Weideäste. Im Innenraum stehen viele Stühle.
Willow Church (Garden Fair) © view - die agentur
Im Vordergrund sieht man einen Teich über den ein Holzsteg führt. Im Hintergrund Pflanzen und Bäume.
Japanese Garden © Pfalz.Touristik e.V., www.dominikketz.de

Bad-weather alternative:

Visit to the Pfalztheater

You and your 'ensemble' can see where Kaiserslautern treads the "boards that mean the world", where works like "My Fair Lady", "Anatevka" and "Tschick" have had their premières.

04:00 pm

Coffee at Kaffeerösterei, Steinstraße 27

Now you've earned a break – have a cup of coffee and a homemade cake (or sometimes also a cinnamon bun) whilst catching up with your group...

06:00 pm         

SOC Sportpark – soccer for everyone (Am Warmfreibad 3)

Here you can give free rein to friends' and colleagues' passion for soccer. The 5,300 sqm Arena has the following facilities:

  • 4 Soccer indoor courts (30 x 15 m each)
  • 1 Soccer outdoor court (30 x 15 m)
  • Sports bar with projected big screen and flat screen TVs
  • Sun terrace


TeamEscape – Fun and entertainment guaranteed!

TeamEscape will put you in new roles and take you to exciting worlds. In our Escape Rooms you can save the world, hunt ghosts, break out of a prison or go on the hunt for Abraham Lincoln's legacy. Secret messages must be decoded, crucial clues must be combined and your strength as a team must be proven - only then can you reach your goal and complete the mission.

We can recommend the following as ideas for gifts for colleagues, teammates or classmates back home:

  • KL fleece blanket
  • KL coffee mug
  • KL Dubbeglas (traditional drinking glass)


We are of course happy to help you with planning and organizing your "nice day out":

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