Kaiserslautern City Council

The City Council's control center has been based in the 22-floor city hall building since 1968. It was designed by the architect Roland Ostertag.

The City Hall of Kaiserslautern
The City Hall of Kaiserslautern © Kaiserslautern

Most of the City's departments are housed here under one roof, as well as the civic center and the offices of special interest groups. One large and one small hall can accommodate City Council meetings, those of the City's various committees, and conferences. Another major part of the Council is located at "Rathaus Nord" (Lauterstraße 2) and at "Rathaus West" (Maxstraße), both opposite the main city hall.

The City Council is led by the City Management Committee, composed of the Lord Mayor and three Councilors. All departments are assigned to one of these committee members.