Europe-Based Work

Cooperation with European cities and regions facing similar problems or development opportunities is beneficial for the exchange of professional experience and is supported by EU-funded programs. The City of Kaiserslautern's participation in international networks aims to provide additional impulse to urban development projects and support the promotion of implementation.

The City of Kaiserslautern's specialist and project-related Europe-based work began with its successful leadership of the DEMILITARIZED European conversion network in 1991. Using these contacts as a base, our European representative, Mr Gerhard Degen (Dipl.-Ing. – graduate in engineering), and his staff launched a number of initiatives to better position Kaiserslautern as an international place to do business. In addition, he advises other local stakeholders on EU grant applications, collaborates with these people and offices, and informs the public on European issues.

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Aim of the Europe-Based Work

The objective is that through specialist and project-related exchanges of experience, innovative ideas and new impetus for major urban development projects will be created.

The participation in EU projects and networks increases awareness of Kaiserslautern in the international arena and serves to market the city.

Specialist commitment in the European context is the basis for effective promotion and for the acquisition of funding from the EU and other bodies.

Synergies are sought through cooperation with other local and regional stakeholders in the European sphere.

Our European representative is the initiator and driving force for Europe-wide communal activities.

Kaiserslautern's citizens should be sensitized to and informed of the major aspects of European integration, thus improving acceptance of the European Union.


European Representative:

Marco Zettl

Willy-Bandt-Platz 1
67653 Kaiserslautern

Telefon:+49 (0)631 365 2574

Fax:+49 (0)631 365 1129


European Projects and International City Networks in which Kaiserslautern is Involved

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The European representative of the City of Kaiserslautern and his/her team are involved in ideas, partnering, conceptual design, management, financial processing and presentation regarding EU-funded projects. This team – which has the requisite skills in terms of international cooperation and the necessary cultural sensitivity – also in part manages the relevant networks. Cities and regions with a similar structure and similar problems or developmental perspectives work together within these networks, in order to find common solutions.

The City of Kaiserslautern is very grateful to the European Union for the considerable funding it has approved in the past. It has made an important contribution to the structural support systems; without such funding, most Europe-based projects would not be possible.