Gardens and Parks

Two monkeys at the Zoo
© view - die agentur

Zoo Kaiserslautern

The Zoo of Kaiserslautern is a popular destination in the western outskirts of the city of Kaiserslautern. At the moment, the zoo owns on its area of approx. 17 acres approx. 103 animal species and 597 wild and domestic animals.

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Auerochs calv at the Game Park looking directly into the camera
© view - die agentur

Game Park Betzenberg

The Game Park enables citizens and guests of the city of Kaiserslautern to observe game species that can be found in our hunting grounds or that were once found there in former times. For example Lynxes, Auerochs or Wisents.

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In the front you could see koi carp pond and in the background an original japanese teahouse. Both at the Japanese Garden
Domink Ketz, Lizenz CC-BY-SA

Japanese Garden

A piece of the far east in the south west...In the year 2000, the Japanese Garden opened its gates for everyone who wants to draw energy and peace from the artistically designed harmony of light and shadows, plants and stones, water and paths...

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Thomas Linkel, Lizenz CC-BY

Garden Fair (Gartenschau)

Something is blooming here for you...the garden show enthuses thousands of visitors each year from April to October with its floridity, numerous events, possibilities for sports and free time activities and unmistakable highlights like the largest dinosaur exhibit in Europe.

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