Garden Fair (Gartenschau)

Something is blooming here for you...on the formerly unused grounds of the worsted yarn spinnery and the slaughter house, in 2000 the first Rhineland-Palatine state garden show grew with its "Gardens of Diversity". Since then, the garden show enthuses thousands of visitors each year from April to October with its floridity, numerous events, culture offerings, possibilities for sports and free time activities and unmistakable highlights like one of the largest dinosaur exhibits in Europe or the LEGO exhibition.

Each year the garden show Kaiserslautern presents itself with a series of new offers which help to keep the fascination of the garden show alive. Even regular visitors can always discover something new. For example an adventure golf course, the dinosaur exhibit and the impressive willow church on the Kaiserberg.

Worth visiting again and again are the sea of blossoms as well as of course the numerous playing and sports possibilities for young and old and the international and diverse cultural offerings - from open-air cinema to children's theater.