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    Sep, 20. 2020
Teehaus im Japanischen Garten

The interior of the Collegiate Church
© view - die agentur

Even without being an art or church historian, if you look at the Collegiate Church you see that it is something special - above all its "picturesque side" from the Marktstraße. In fact it is considered to be the most important late gothic hall church in southwest Germany.

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Exterior view of the Little Church
© Stadt Kaiserslautern

This church was built by the Lutheran community between 1711 and 1717, and stands in what is now the generously-proportioned Union Square in the Rittersberg quarter. It is a rectangular building without side aisles or a choir.

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Night shot of the St. Martin's Square. In the background you could see the St. Martin's Church.
© view - die agentur

St. Martin’s is considered a vivid example of a medieval church of a mendicant order. Built at the beginning of the 14th century as a Franciscan monastery church, it was expanded as early as the 15th century and finally dissolved by the French at the end of the 18th century.

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