Whether you want a water park, a lake, or an outdoor pool, Kaiserslautern has just the right thing for all water enthusiasts.

Frühlingshafte Tulpen umrahmen das noch geschlossene Freibad. Die große Wasseroberfläche kräuselt sich leicht im Wind.
© view - die agentur

Freibad Waschmühle

The 'Wesch' is the mecca of the swimming friends of Kaiserslautern. The water surface of around 7,200 square meters and the lying surface of 25,000 square meters offers plenty of opportunities for swimming and splashing.

Ein Ausblick auf den Gelterswoog vom Schilf aus. Auf dem See fahren Sportbegeisterte mit Kanus.
© Stadt Kaiserslautern

Gelterswoog Lido

In the past, the more adventurous were not afraid of the march to Gelterswoog. The still water with its blooming water lilies and the tall fir tree forest made the 'Hohnegger' an attractive destination for young people.

Familien mit Kindern im Wellenbadbereich des Monte Mare.
© monte mare Unternehmensgruppe

monte mare

On the PRE Park high plateau, surrounded by a variety of attractive shopping and leisure facilities, you will find monte mare: a world of experience focused on water, warmth and health.