The Comenius Regio project

What are the targets of the Comenius Programme?

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Creating European Integration and taking up the challenge of globalization:

The one who wants to raise understanding for these issues and support young people in acquiring skills and competencies which are necessary for their personal development, future employment and active citizenship has to assure the quality of school education and to make Europe be perceivable: in teaching and at school. 

  • Improve and increase the mobility of pupils and educational staff across the EU;

  • Enhance and increase partnerships between schools in different EU Member States, with at least 3 million pupils taking part in joint educational activities by 2011;

  • Encourage language learning, innovative ICT-based content, services and better teaching techniques and practices;

  • Enhance the quality and European dimension of teacher training;

  • Improve pedagogical approaches and school management.

Since 2009 the twinned towns of Silkeborg/Denmark and Kaiserslautern have worked together in a Comenius Regio Project titled “Building Bridges”


This project aims to

  • install co-operation between school administrations, local schools and organisations working with children and adolescents with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds

  • test opportunities to better integrate children with a migrant background

  • achieve integration on local and European level (European citizenship)

  • organise a multicultural school

  • develop and test new teaching materials for teaching multicultural classes

  • work with children and adolescents of weak socio-economic regions

  • Agree on examples of best practice in both twins towns Silkeborg and Kaiserslautern

  • sustainably work together in the field of integration even after project completion

  • implement video conferences, a joint project homepage, study visits, conferences, inter school activities as well as similar actions within school administration and informal organisations

Videokonferenz im Kleinen Ratssaal mit Vertretern der Stadt Kaiserslautern, die konzentriert auf die Leinwand schauen und sich mit Vertretern aus Silkeborg unterhalten. © Stadt Kaiserslautern

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Participants are:


in Silkeborg/ Denmark:


  • Silkeborg Kommune, Skoleafdelingen, Paedagogisk Udviklingssektion
  • Nordre Skole
  • Sølystskolen
  • Jupiter Klubberne



in Kaiserslautern/Germany


  • Referat Schulen der Stadt Kaiserslautern
  • Grundschule Auf dem Fischerrück
  • Bertha von Suttner Integrierte Gesamtschule
  • Caritas-Zentrum Kaiserslautern
  • Medienzentrum Kaiserslautern (MZKL)



The project is supported by EU subsidies


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