Kammgarn GmbH

The highly visible vent the Kammgarn rises high in the evening sky and lights illuminate the walls. The picture shows: night living on the Kammgarn .
Kammgarn exterior 2010 © Matthias Wilms

Schoenstraße 10
67659 Kaiserslautern
Telefon: 0631 365-2604
Telefax: 0631 96614



With the tall chimney as its identifying mark, the former Kammgarn spinning factory is already visible from afar. The present-day Kammgarn Cultural Centre with its inimitable industry flair is one of the top venues in Germany and is an internationally renowned first-call concert hall for rock, jazz, blues and pop. For your event, there is a hall (the Kasino), a club (the Cotton Club), as well as two bars. We offer state-of-the-art sound and lighting technology and provide support by experienced sound and lighting technicians. A sufficient number of parking spaces are available directly on site.

 Cotton Club
a.A. = on request
Natural lighting (except Cotton Club), Complete darkening, Sound system, Projector, Standard conference technology, Lectern, Stage, Wi-Fi
 Public transport
 Bus line 105, 107, 108, 112, Bus stop:Kammgarn
 distance from city centre 1,4 km
The lobby is bright and airy. Spectators can enjoy a drink at their events. Among the people also the sculpture of a woman has mixed in a red evening dress. © Kammgarn

Kammgarn Foyer © Kammgarn

In the well-filled room, the audience expects already excited the beginning of the event. © Kammgarn

Kammgarn Kasino © Kammgarn