Zoos and Gardens

Ein Auerochsen Jungtier welches aus sehr geringer Entfernung genau in die Kamera schaut. Es hat kleine Hörner und etwas Gras im Maul.
Im Hintergrund sieht man zwei ausgewachsene Auerochsen.
Game Park Kaiserslautern © view - die agentur
Im unteren Bereich des Bildes sind orangene Blumen die sehr nahe sind.
über den Blumen und weiter entfernt steht die Tyranosaurus rex Statue der Gartenschau
Tyranosaurus rex at the Garden Fair © view - die agentur

Game Park

Would you like to get to know Moufflons, Luxe and Co. in person? Then go to the Kaiserslautern wildlife park, where they'll be ready and waiting for you. Free admission!

to the Game Park

Gartenschau (Garden Fair)

The Gartenschau has much to see and do, year in, year out. Come with your class to the green classroom or marvel at the 80 life-sized dinosaurs. There is also an adventure playground and a skate park, where you can properly let off steam.

to the Gartenschau

Kaiserslautern Zoo

Whether large or small, everyone's welcome at Kaiserslautern Zoo. You can expect to see interesting animals from around the world, but also those from our own region. You'll get an unforgettable insight into animal life, and lots of fun for the family is included.

to the Kaiserslautern Zoo