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Virtual Tour for all ages - Join Little Frederick and his dog, Ted, on a journey of
discovery through the city of Barbarossa, Kaiserslautern.

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The pair will lead you on their hunt for a lost wooden fish, incorporating the various sights in the city centre, such as the Fruit Hall, Collegiate church, City Museum and the ruins of the Imperial Palace. On their route, they will encounter interesting people who can tell you exciting things about the history of the city.

The story is also told via audio clips and, as well as additional pieces of information, it also includes virtual elements and fantastic 360-degree images. This allows you to see into buildings which you wouldn’t be able to access normally, like the Fritz Walter stadium or even the underground passages of the Imperial Palace.


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Available for iOS and Android.


Here is a list of the features:

  • City tour for families with 11 locations

  • Multimedia content in the form of 3D models, animations, videos, 360 views, images and audio

  • High-quality audiobook with professional narrators in German and English

  • A puzzle at the end of each location

  • Additional information in simple language as well

  • Virtual insight into inaccessible buildings

  • Selfie postcards to share on social media

  • Route navigation

  • Offline availability of data

Note: we recommend that you take earphones to allow you to hear the story better while you’re on the move.

Supported languages: English, German


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