Audio Guide

From now on you can start a guided tour through Kaiserslautern with your own cell phone. Discover flexibly and independently the "Barbarossastadt” and get information on the Imperial palace, the Collegiate church and other interesting places.


Who was the famous "Hunter of the Electoral Palatinate”? From which year arises the "Emperor fountain”? These questions can be answered fast and professional by calling the number +49 (0)89-210 833 6312. A kind voice calls on you to enter the necessary extension:


  • History of the city of Kaiserslautern (01)
  • Imperial Palace and Casimir Castle (02)
  • Collegiate Church (03)
  • St. Martin’s Square (04)
  • Emperor Fountain (05)
  • Fritz Walter Stadium (06)
  • Palatinate Gallery (07)
  • Fruchthalle (08)
  • City Museum (09)

All you pay for a call is the connection charge from your cell phone to the German fixed line network.


With the following link you can alternatively download the particular contributions free of charge or already listen to them at home.


As a matter of course we kindly forward you the according flyer to your home. We are looking forward to your call at +49 (0)631 365-2317 and by now wish you a convenient and exciting stay.