Hohenecken Castle

A walk up to the Hohenecken Castle is exciting: not only to enjoy the panoramic view over the Palatinate Forest, but also to explore the castle from the Hohenstaufen period. It was built out of the local red sandstone in the 12th century and then destroyed in 1688. Come and hear the tales of the buried treasure or Maid Hildegard of Hoheneck. Discover the uses of the various chambers with many deatils from life in the Middle Ages. In collaboration with the Association of Friends of the Hohenecken Castle.

Meeting point

Hohenecken Castle
Parking: Burgherrenhalle, Forststraße 2a

approx. 1.5 hrs.
75.00 EUR
max. 50 people
Luftaufnahme der Burg Hohenecken Thomas Linkel, Lizenz CC-BY

Aerial view of Hohenecken Castle Thomas Linkel, Lizenz CC-BY