Mysterious time signals

In the Northern part of the palatinate forest, in the east of Kaiserslautern, there is an extraordinary number of prehistorically cairns. The more than 300 burial sites are probably the most important find in Germany.
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Mysterious time signal
The area is located in the middle of former Celtic settlements, within eyespot of the Donnersberg, which was more than 2000 years ago one of the biggest sites of the Celts. Besides the cairns you will find further versatile marks and symbols, which had been leaved by people of part times. Not all of them are yet scientifically proven and are hidden somewhere in the woods. Maybe some will stay mystically forever. The joint project of the communities Hochspeyer, Fischbach, Enkenbach-Alsenborn and Mehlingen has established 60 kilometers of hiking trails through this area. The trails connect more than 50 stations of ‘Rätselhafte Zeitzeichen’ (Mysterious time signals).

If you undertake these discovery tours, you will see our region in the future from a different angle and maybe detect some more mysterious symbols.



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