Wildlife Park

The outdoor enclosure allows Kaiserslautern's residents and visitors to observe species as they might behave in the wild near here.

In order to allow Kaiserslautern's residents and visitors to observe species found in the wild near here, as well as some species that would have been found here in the past, the Forestry Office set up a wild animal park in the forest section in 1970. Back then it was called "Alter Schlag", whilst nowadays it is called "Wildpark".
Over the course of five years, six large single enclosures were constructed in-house, a 1.5-kilometer-long aqueduct installed and food stores and open stables built. The enclosures included browsing areas, water holes and wallows. The aim was for the animals to live in a natural environment.


Ein Hirsch steht still und schaut ruhig in die Kamera.
Hirsch im Wildpark © Stadt Kaiserslautern

The magnificent 120-year-old trees – mainly oak and beech with mixed coniferous trees – are very well-suited to the wild animals, who are uninhibited in appearing in front of the visitors under the canopy.
The establishment and maintenance of the 25-acre wildlife park at Betzenberg, the city of Kaiserslautern is not only reflecting the desire of its nature-loving population for wildlife watching, but also making a valuable contribution to the preservation of the European bison, an endangered species.
At Wisentgehege, a wetland has been created in which native frogs and salamanders can feel at ease. At the same time, the area provides local toads with an option for spawning.
A Sunday stroll is always worthwhile. The bison, aurochs, wild horses and the rest of the animal world can of course also be visited during weekdays. Binoculars and a camera make the visit twice as much fun.


Ein Wisentjungtier steht bei seinem Elterntier. Der Größenunterschied ist noch deutlich zu sehen.
Wisents im Wildpark © view - die agentur
Ein Hirsch zeigt seine Seite und wartet.
Hirsch im Wildpark © view - die agentur
Eine Wildschwein-Muttersau stupst ihre Frischlinge mit dem Rüssel an.
Wildschweinfamilie im Wildpark © Stadt Kaiserslautern
Ein Luchs blickt frech in die Kamera.
Luchs im Wildpark © Stadt Kaiserslautern
Wildlife Park