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The Business + Innovation Center was awarded with the quality seal "renowned innovation center" by the Bundesverband Deutscher Innovations-, Technologie- und Gründerzentren e.V. (ADT) [Federal Association of German Innovation, Technology and Founder Centers]. On account of the 20th anniversary congress of the ADT in Berlin, the bic was awarded with this sought-after award as first center in Rhineland-Palatinate.
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Foundation of innovative small and medium-sized companies (KMU) is one of the most effective possibilities to create new jobs. This was shown by various studies of the Commission of the European Union as well as by the development in Europe.
The focus of regional economic development, above all in the industrially under-developed und structural-change affected regions, is in the support of foundation and further development of innovative KMUs.
Corresponding to this Situation, the EU developed the program of the European Community Business and Innovation Centers in 1984.
Companies, innovation, network, centers - four terms that summarize the target of the innovative actions for promotion of BICs within the framework of European regional policy.
That is why this program made it its business to establish centers in the regions affected by structural change in order to mobilize the present human, material and financial resources as well as to support foundation and development of innovative and independent companies. One of these centers is the Business + Innovation Center in Kaiserslautern. The only of its kind in Western Germany. The bic was acknowledged by the European Union on the basis of a quality certification, which enables the awarding of the European label "BIC".
The BICs are integrated in an European network, the European BIC Network (EBN).



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