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A beautiful day

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Discover the different faces of the city of Kaiserslautern and disclose their secrets…on the spur of the moment.

The category ‘a beautiful day’ offers a variety of day programs attuned to your individual wishes. Everybody gets its money worth - whether pampering yourself ladylike in the health and fitness heaven that is the Monte Mare pool complex or exploring the dinosaurs exhibition at the area of the garden fair especially for the little ones. Kaiserslautern is ageless.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Two women talking

Kaiserslautern for little divas

Explore Kaiserslautern ladylike with your friends and discover our town in a way only women can do.

Laughing girl

The laugh of children in Kaiserslautern

Explore with your family a child’s play day in Kaiserslautern - You will come of age early enough.


Kaiserslautern 'totally chilled'

You fancy coming to see Kaiserslautern? Then attend us with your friends and have a 'fat' day.

elderly person

Kaiserslautern in the prime of life

Spend your individual ‘beautiful day’ in Kaiserslautern - whether in a group or in pairs, the small but nice city has the suitable proposals for the best agers. Joy of life included…

concrete sculptures

Kaiserslautern - part with your loneliness

Whether annual works outings, associations, school classes or just with your family - the offer in Kaiserslautern for groups is versatile.

part of a cell phone key pad

Kaiserslautern...and your blackberry will be on holiday!

Explore the city of Kaiserslautern and have a pleasant day beyond your daily business. Today, relaxation is the first and only step on your schedule. The city offers a lot of opportunities to get away from it all.



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