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October 26, 2003
Monika und Wendelin Netzhammer
St.QuentinRing 56
67663 Kaiserslautern, RheinlandPfalz

Wir gruessen aus Tokyo alle Freunde des Japanischen Gartens. Monika und Wendel Netzhammer
Elisa Schuff
67663 Kaiserslautern, RP

Ich wollte meinem Schatz Patrick nur mal sagen, dass ich ihn ueber alles liebe, und dass ich ihn niemals verlieren will, viele gruesse aus spaniel dei teufelchen
October 24, 2003
Kelly Davis
5451 N East River Rd
60656 Chicago, IL, USA

I am Looking for an aquaintance from my military brat days. Her name then was Candyce Summers and we were neighbors as well as school mates at Kubasaki High School in Okinawa, JP. What brings me here? Rumor has it that Candyce was near or around K-town as late as of 2000. Maybe she is still there? I had once traveled through K-town while on a deployment. I was garrisoned at Panzer Kaserne for a six month period off an on while traveling to points beyond. this was from April 2002 to Oct 2002. For the all to brief moments I was there, I had a wonderful time with the fondest memory being a day of skydiving with the locals at Manhiem. How strange if our paths had come so close to crossing again? Candyce and I lost contact about 16 years ago after I left Okinawa. We were both around 15 years of age. I have nothing but fond memories of her and her little brother. Candyce is of Thia and American descent. What I hope to achieve here is not so much a grand reunion perhaps, but just to finish a story I have in my mind. It is the same any time people meet and a fondness is shared and then abruptly parted. All to common in the military community. So I wish to find her to catch her up on whats become of me in the last 16 years and to find out what has happened to her. I understand that some people do not want to be found or reunited with old friends. I hope this is not the case, but I will respect that if it is. If Candyce or Candy sounds familiar to anyone, I humbly ask your help. It is a small world afterall and stranger things have happened. My ph#847-530-4524, Please pass it on to anyone who might know of her.
Tina Henry
28390 Springlake, NC, USA

October 23, 2003
L hanna
67659 Kaiserslautern-Erlenbach

he leute... un wie?isch grüß ma ....die anne,sarah,isi,>>dicke
Xavier Rayford
96326 Yokota AB, Japan

Stationed at Sembach 92-96. Visted K-Town many times while stationed at RAF Molesworth, UK 98-02. I'm now at Yokota AB, Japan from 02-06.
October 21, 2003
Laura Krebs
67661 Hohenecken

hi! ich grüße allle hohenecker!!Hab euch alle lieb.ganz besonders grüß ich de marci.die franzi,die christina,de österreicher,un überhaupt alle vom weiher!! tschüss Laura
Christine Zimmer
67663 Kaiserslautern

hey ihr lieben lauterer! wollte nur nochmal sagen, das kaiserslautern echt die hammer stadt ist. ich weiß das ihr das wißt aber trotzdem... okay dann cu
October 20, 2003
Boris Kiefer
66892 Bruchmühlbach-M.

Ich finde ihr könntet echt mal neue Bilder vom Stadionausbau auf die WM-Page stellen!!! Nich die alten Bilder von vor einem halben Jahr oder so!!!allgemein könnte die Page aktueller sein !! Hoffe auf Bessereung!
Michaela Lindenberg
66999 Hinterweidenthal

Hi,war am Sonntag in KL,war echt klasse,weiter so.

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