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January 14, 2005
Mike Jean
109 S Queens St
28539 Hubert, North Carolina, USA

Hello I've interviewed for a Civil Service position over there and although I've lived oversea's before. My question is how easy is it to navigate and perform daily life only knowing a couple of words in German ??
January 12, 2005
Buddy Rogers
13105 Maple Leaf
73170 Moore, Oklahoma, United States

I lived in Linden,Germany 2000-2003...I miss the K-Town area and think of it constantly ....At this time in history the media makes very disturbing comments about Germany and it's people...Making one think we Americans are hated there. For me I found the exact opposite...I have nevr been treated so warmly anywhere,I tell everyone about the beauty of the country and the Greatness of the German people... My grandparents were immigrants from Bavaria but I have never been able to find out exactly where they came from. I had a feeling that I was "HOME" the moment I stepped off the plane in Frankfurt.It was a very strange thing. I think most people thought I was a local for I am 54 and older than most Americans around K-Town. But I know that younger Americans are treated well too! I hope to move there again in the future,it is truly a wonderful place !!! Thank you for a very nice website !!!
January 10, 2005
Christa Ruhl
Hauptstrasse 53
67705 Stelzenberg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland

Anfrage an die Stadt Kaiserslautern und alle Kneipenwirte: Gibt es denn wirklch nur "McDonalds"- "Pizza Hut" mit "Nichtraucher-Zonen"??? Wir würden gerne mal in anderen Restaurants esssen gehen - ohne dass man "ZUGEQUALMT" wird - !!! Sicherlich fühlen sich zu dieser Thematik auch andere "Leidensgenossen" angesprochen!!!??? Wie wäre es denn mal diesbezüglich mit einer Meinungsumfrage??? Auch mit Blick auf die WM 2006--- wo viele ausländische Gäste in Kaiserslautern sein werden--- denn--- es gibt ja nicht NUR Raucher!!! Allen ein herzliches DANKESCHÖN, wenn sie diesen "Denkanstoß" umsetzen.... Mit freundlichen Grüßen Christa Ruhl
January 07, 2005

It`s always good to read and get some Information from Old K-Town. THANK YOU
January 06, 2005
Andrea Weigel
67468 Frankenstein

Habe zwei EK für das Konzert am 03.März 2005 in der Kammgarn abzugeben (Britische Jazzelite). Kann leider aus priv. Gründen nicht hingehen. Wer hat noch keine Karten? Zum Normalpreis abzugeben. 1.Kategorie Gruß Andrea
Donald Fooks
6243 South Chickasaw Trail
32829 Orlando, Florida, USA

Hello Ktown I sure miss you!
January 05, 2005
Christian Höschele
eichenstraße 6
66849 Landstuhl, Reinhald-pfalz, Deutschland

Hallo Kaiserslautern ich schreibe hier aus Landstuhl ich wollte nur sagen lautern ist die geilste Stadt der welt vor allem auch die Frauen ich hoffe das wenn ein paar frauen das lesen mir mal schreiben 016096218478 bis bald servus
Tim and Kim Hawkins
4551 Wilmington Pike Apt. C
45440 Kettering, Ohio, US

Looking for old friends. Lived in K-town 2000-2001.
January 01, 2005
Gary Del Carlo
17339-B Maple Shadows Dr.
95461 Middletown, California, USA

I was stationed at Kapaun Barracks in Vogelweh from 1972 to 1975. Was in the 53rd Trans. Bn. I met two people, but I can't remember their last name. Thomas, and Dagmar. Dagmar owned a bar on the next street (going towards the bahnhof) from the Oueen's Pub. By the way, is the Queens Pub still there? They had two sons, one was Dirk, but I can't remember the other ones name. I first met Thomas in Giessen back in 1966. I would like to find them. I miss them and Kaiserslautern. I had great times there.
December 28, 2004
Charrai Taylor
30324 Atlanta, GA, USA

Vielen Dank schöne Stadt von Kaiserslautern und Seinen Leuten. Ich habe Michael gefunden. Vielen Dank sehr viel.

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