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City council and committees

The most important decision-making organs of the city
Composition of the city council -
The chairman of the city council and the head of the administration is the Lord Mayor. According to § 29 Para. 2 of the municipal code, the city council has 52 council members in communities with more than 80,000 residents.

Tasks of the city council -
Decision making on all self-administration affairs as long as there has not been a transfer to the committees (§ 32 Para. 2 of the municipal code). The decisions on ordinances, budgets, changes in the city districts, elections to honorary citizens etc. can not be transferred to the committees. The last election for the city council was in June 2009. The city council is newly elected every five years, the next election will therefore be in 2014.
Distribution of seats in the city council 2009 © City of Kaiserslautern
Grafic: Distribution of seats in the city council 2009
The formation of different committees -
follows according to § 44 of the municipal code (GemO) for certain tasks (e.g. finance, building, youth welfare committee ...) by the city council. The committees are either composed of only councilors or of councilors and other elected members. The size of the committee will be determined by the city council. The distribution of seats in the committees reflects the distribution of seats in the city council.

Fractions -
The members of the city council have affiliated according to their party membership - in the fractions of the CDU, SPD, THE GREENS, FDP, FWG, THE LEFT, and FBU. The order of the fractions is determined by their size. A fraction must consist of at least 2 members of the council



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