'Chamber Pieces', 50 Years of the advisory service on form and shape

January 21st to March 4th 2012
Opening of the exhibition
Saturday January 21st, 3 pm
Datum:January 21, 2012 to March 04, 2012
Uhrzeit:3 pm

Price: 3,00 EUR / 2,00 EUR
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Chamber Pieces
50 Years of the advisory service on form and shape
Exhibition in the Wadgasserhof from January 21st to March 4th 2012
The advisory service on form and shape celebrates its 50th anniversary this year with a touring exhibition through the three chambers in the Rhineland-Palatinate.
In July 1961, the advisory centre on form and shape of the four Chambers of Craftwork in the Rhineland-Palatinate was founded. Its first director was the interior architect and master joiner Toni Schenk. For fifty years, Its purpose is and has been to promote creative craftwork by means of competitions, participation in trade fairs and exhibitions. Further training of craftsmen in formative seminars any by personal advice – from the shaping of the product to its marketing – are important aspects of what is offered.
Directors of the advisory service: from 1961 to 1981, Toni Schenk; from 1981 to 1982, Gero Koellmann; from 1982 to 1984, Bernd Pfannkuche; from1985 to 2009, Bernd Röter; since 2011, Karin Bille.
In July 1961, the first touring exhibition of the Rhineland-Palatinate craftsmen took place with the following programmatical declaration:
‘Craftwork uses the laws of art on an object of everyday use. That is what makes this work so valuable and the user so happy.’
It is in this sense that we are showing the “chamber pieces” – craftwork from the collection of the Rhineland-Palatinate Chambers of Craftwork.
Ceramics, wood, glass, silver, semi-precious stones and photography by Wendelin Stahl, Else Harney, Hubert Griemert, Wim Mühlendyck, Elfriede Balzar-Kopp, Klotilde Giefer-Bahn, Andreas Schilling, Werner Baumann, Roland Giefer, Manfred Braun, Klemens Pompetzki, Heiner Balzar, Fritz Rossmann, Martin Goerg, Emanuel Hook, Arne Henning, Gotlind Weigel, Jochen Kuhnhenne, Otto Schmidt, Bern Hardt, Bernd Munsteiner, Dieter heuft, Ernst Pleuger, Ernst von Garnier, Helmut Wolf, Mary White, Monika Geulig und Axel M. Günther, Norbert Stahl, Sirpa Masalin, Ulrich Strüder, Herbert Piel.
In Kaiserslautern, both current works by the exhibitors and pices from private collections will be shown.
The exhibition will be opened at 3pm on January 21st and will be shown until February 26th 2012.



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