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Health and social matters

Kaiserslautern understands itself as a social city and offers its citizens an extensive and fast service - above all in the fields of health and social services. Here you will find e.g. all emergency services of pharmacies. This will save a lot of time, because unnecessary rides to other pharmacies can be avoided.
Here you will also find proper information for the search for the right medical specialist. If you are looking for a suitable hospital, we offer you a current table. Older citizens will find e.g. aid agencies for various areas of life; from "meals on wheels" to domestic emergency calls - we have provided all telephone numbers that are necessary for you. Also the working group for care measures for the city and district of Kaiserslautern offers first contacts for persons in need.
Please mind that we cannot offer any medical consultation. Please contact you family physician or a corresponding physician whom you will find in the category "Health in Kaiserslautern".

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