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Leisure time and sports

Traditional sports, sports clubs and the scenic environment offer to our citizens and guests the best prerequisites for sports and leisure time activities in the nature.
Crazy golf course Garden exhibition © City of Kaiserslautern
Picture: Crazy golf course Garden exhibition
The manifold leisure time and sports offer in and around Kaiserslautern is characteristic for the special living quality of our city. Manifold leisure time grounds, amongst them also numerous swimming pools and swimming areas, the soccer club of Kaiserslautern (FCK) and a list of of leisure-time-relevant clubs and associations, are presented to you in this category. The "Japanese Garden" and the "Zoo Kaiserslautern" also offer you special highlights. Important places for local recreation in the Nature Park Palatinate Forest are included in here as well as seasonal installation of the "Mobile ice-skating rink” or the "Garden exhibition” in downtown Kaiserslautern. Our online calendar of events will inform you on all events each day!



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