Airbus A 310 Kaiserslautern

With the sponsorship of the Lufthansa Airbus A 310, Kaiserslautern has had a "airy" sponsorship project since 1 June 1983.
Picture: Airbus A 310-Kaiserslautern
Picture: Airbus A 310-Kaiserslautern
The Airbus A 310-Kaiserslautern began operation on 28 March 1984. The plane has been used in Europe, North Africa as well as the Middle East. The plane was also temporarily used for the route to Khartoum in Sudan. The Airbus, which was lovingly given the nickname "Charly Charly" because of its license number, was among the first 25 planes of this type which Lufthansa began using up to 1990.

The Airbus A 310 Kaiserslautern was unfortunately taken out of operation and on 28 August 1996, its successor, the Airbus A 321 with the number D-AIRN, took over the existing sponsorship. In a celebration, the City of Kaiserslautern was given the new certificate and a model of the plane.

Technical data

Model of aircraft: A 321-100
Wing span: 34.1 m
Length: 44.51 m
Max. carrying capacity: 20 t
Passenger seats: 182
Cruising speed: 840 km/h
Cruising range: 2400 km
Engines: International Aero Engines V 2530-A5



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