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Sister Cities

International City Kaiserslautern: Kaiserslautern has friendly relationships with numerous foreign cities.
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The vision of the world as a "Global village" has become reality. Therefore the relation to our sister cities has reached a new importance. The contacts offer the citizens of Kaiserslautern the opportunity of gaining international and multi-cultural experiences that may enrich life and broaden the mind.
The world wide alliance of partner cities is furthermore considered to be an indispensable element for coping with municipal tasks in an international net.
Meanwhile, ten cities from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, England, France, Portugal, from the USA and Japan belong to the series of partner cities which have mostly developed from private initiatives.
On these pages we offer you further information on the individual sister cities.

For further information concerning the Kaiserslautern sister cities, please don´t hesitate to contact us. Sister Cities Office Kaiserslautern

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