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An active confrontation with foreign cultures forms the basics for sensitization to social and cultural topics. An important contribution to international understanding in the times of globalization.
Mayors of our sister cities© City of Kaiserslautern
Picture: Mayors of our sister cities
Kaiserslautern is an international city and recognizes this internationality as a big chance to strengthen the city for the future. The center of the West Palatinate has the largest American military settlement in Europe with 45,000 Americans who live in the city and county.
People from more than 140 nations live here. The close cooperation with other nations in private enterprises as well as university research is a unique chance to gain new insights and thus overcome the boarders in people's heads. Therefore among other things exchanges and cooperations with our 10 international sister cities ranging from classic school exchange programs to the conception of international partnership conferences offer regular possibilities to cultivate "intercultural expertise".

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Quality education at ISKL

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The city of Kaiserslautern and “Zukunftsregion Westpfalz” association are collaborating to establish the „International School Kaiserslautern – ISKL“.

German-American Community Office

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