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European work

Professional exchanges of experiences serve for the cooperation with European cities and regions which have comparable problems or development chances and is supported by UE support programs. The participation of the City of Kaiserslautern in international networks should give projects in city development additional impulse and help lobby work in the realization thereof.
The professional and project-related European work of the City of Kaiserslautern began with the successful leadership of the European conversion network DEMILITARISED in 1991. Built upon these contacts, the European commissioner Dipl.-Inlg. Gerhard Degen with his employees started numerous initiatives in order to better position Kaiserslautern in the global location competition. In addition, the European commissioner consults with other local actors with applications for sponsorship to the EU, cooperates with these persons and offices and informs the public on topics pertaining to Europe.

Goals of the European work

European flag
Picture: European flag
Through the professional and project-related exchange of experiences, innovative ideas and new impulses for important projects in city development should be gained.
The participation in EU projects and networks increases the name recognition of the City of Kaiserslautern internationally and serves to market the city.
The professional commitment in the European context forms the basis for effective lobby work and the acquisition of support money from the EU and other places.
Through the cooperation with other local and regional actors in the area of European work, synergetic effects are aimed for.
The European commissioner is the initiator and sets impulses for communal activities throughout Europe.
The people of the City of Kaiserslautern should be sensitized and informed about the most important aspects of European integration so that the acceptancy of the European Union improves.
European commissioner:

Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Degen
Willy-Brandt-Platz 1
67657 Kaiserslautern
Telephone: +49 (0)631 365-1121
Fax: +49 (0)631 365-1129

European projects and international city networks of the City of Kaiserslautern

EU Flags Picture: EU Flags
The European commissioner of the City of Kaiserslautern and his employees participate in view of finding ideas, looking for partners, conception, control, financial processing and presentation on projects which are sponsored by the EU. At times also the leadership of networks takes place through this team which has the necessary qualifications for the international cooperation and the necessary cultural empathy. In these networks, cities and regions with comparative structures and similar problems or development perspectives work together in order to find common solutions.
The City of Kaiserslautern thanks the European Union very much for the considerable magnitude of promotion money they have already been granted. This has been an important contribution to the structural promotion and has made possible most of the European projects.



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